Year Group News

Y4 visit Wallington Girls School for a Science workshop

By Christopher Hatton | May 18, 2022

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Today, Year Four visited Wallington Girls to take part in a science workshop. Mr Parkinson – a Beaumont Parent Governor and Assistant Head of Wallington Girls – kindly organised this visit and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

They had a short lesson on acids and alkalis, what they are used for and how we work out which a substance is using indicators. They then made their own pH indicator using red cabbage. They used this indicator to test things you would find around the house e.g. vinegar, soap, lemon juice. Afterwards, they then confirmed this result using universal indicator solution. Lastly, they compared the results and the different colour scales used for each indicator.

The teacher who taught the lesson was Mrs Stylianou who is the Head of KS3 Science. She was very impressed with all of our year four pupils.

Thank you for Mr Parkinson for organising this for our Beaumont pupils.

Exciting news – our year five pupils will be visiting next week too!


3rd day at the Whitgift Primary Project

By Christopher Hatton | May 18, 2022

Wednesday  18th May 2022

Year Five have been learning about Microbits in computing. The pupils have been mastering their coding application. After lunch, they had a science lesson about irreversible and reversible changes in the science labs. Safety was of paramount importance and all of the pupils were spoken to about the importance of wearing safety googles and how to keep safe while using bunsen burners. We looked at the following substances and recorded our observations and findings as to whether there was a reversible or an irreversible reaction. Enjoy the photos of the day.



Second day at the Whitgift Primary Project for Y5

By Christopher Hatton | May 18, 2022

Tuesday 18th May 2022

Today the pupils enjoyed more computing lead sessions as well as having a Japanese lesson and an outdoors art lesson. In Japanese, the pupils were taught about the culture and they looked at Origami. The art was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and the pupils were in groups creating their own nature mandala art work. Take a look below at some of their amazing creations.

Y5 are off to Whitgift for the Whitgift Primary Project

By Christopher Hatton | May 18, 2022

Monday 16th May 2022

Year Five started their week at Whitgift  by  having a tour of the school. Then set up their computing folders for Coding classes. In the afternoon, after lunch, the pupils enjoyed their first of a series of specialist teacher lead sessions this week – Mandarin. Take a look at the following photos of the pupils learning how to communicate with each other in Mandarin.

Y6 speak with Baroness Thornton

By Christopher Hatton | May 18, 2022

Monday 16th May 2022

The House of Lords- Question and Answer session with Baroness Thornton

The children had an exciting virtual visit from a member of the House of Lords, Baroness Thornton. Prior to the session the children conducted general research about the House of Lords and also found out about Baroness Thornton finding out about her areas of expertise and interest. The children then prepared questions to put forward for the Baroness to answer and all of the children found her responses engaging and interesting.

Y6 SATs come to an end

By Christopher Hatton | May 12, 2022

Year Six have had their KS2 SATs tests this week. We are so proud of how hard they have worked this year and they all showed great poise and resilience this week. Well done to all of them!

Mr Hatton had a treat this afternoon for the class – with an extra long break and the Horrid Henry Movie. The popcorn and crisps went down well too.

Y2 go on a walk of their local area of Purley

By Christopher Hatton | May 6, 2022

As part of our geography study about Purley, Year 2 went on a walk around the local area. This was also an opportunity for the children to apply their learning about road safety from the previous term. We observed many human features (such like different types of houses and buildings, roads, train tracks, …) and also physical features of Purley (such as hills). It was a long walk but luckily there were refreshments towards the end!

walk in purley pics

Year One visited All Saints Church in Sanderstead on 29th April 2022

By Christopher Hatton | May 5, 2022

On Friday 29th of April, Year One went on their first ever school trip! We went to visit our Year One Class Governor, Reverend Jeremy Groombridge, at All Saints Church in Sanderstead. We took two buses to the church and two buses back to school. We very much enjoyed our various bus rides! We particularly liked whizzing up and down the hills on our journey. For many of us, it was our first experience of catching a bus!

Reverend Groombridge was there to welcome us at the church. He gave us a tour of the church and we were told lots of interesting facts about its’ history. Next, we dressed up in some of Reverend Groombridge’s special ceremonial outfits. We were then introduced to Susan Thomas, who is a Church Warden at All Saints Church. After lunch, Reverend Groombridge played music to us on the church organ. We were very impressed with how well he played! We sang along to some hymns that we have been learning at school. Before leaving, we had the opportunity to ask Reverend Groombridge and Susan Thomas questions about the church and our visit.

We were all given a lovely goody bag to take home with us. Hopefully this will provide us with a lasting memory of the trip!


Librarian visits the school

By Christopher Hatton | April 29, 2022

Our local librarian visited the school this week and read to the Lower School classes and held an Upper School assembly. The pupils loved discussing their favourite authors and books. We will be welcoming the librarian back in the latter part of the term to discuss the Summer Reading Challenge.

Easter Puppet Show

By Christopher Hatton | April 7, 2022

Reverend Jeremy Groombridge, Vice Chair of Governors, kindly visited the school and performed an Easter story puppet show for reception, year one and year two classes. The pupils had a wonderful time and asked many questions for Rev Groombridge. Please take a look at some of the photos below. Can you see which puppets were used?