Performing Arts

“The world is a complicated place and there’s a lot of division between people.  The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does”. (Anon)

The Performing Arts are an integral part of school life at Beaumont – Music, Dance, Instrumental lessons, Drama, Debating and Public Speaking.

Music is taught throughout the school with singing being a strength.  This is showcased in our ‘whole school’ Harvest and Christmas celebrations.  Apart from class music sessions linked to our ‘Learning Challenges’, and weekly Singing Assemblies, Years 3, 4 and 5 learn the descant recorder whilst Year 6 build on their knowledge by moving to the treble recorder.  We are proud to have a visiting violin teacher who is a concert violinist and teaches thirty children from Years 3-6.  The progress these children make is a joy.

Dance is taught to Years 3-6 by a specialist dance teacher.  Children also have an opportunity to join a Dance Club and then to participate in the annual Croydon Dance Festival.  Their class performances are always very moving; they tell a story and reflect the high standard achieved in these lessons.

As well as discrete Drama provided by a specialist coach as an After School activity, Drama is woven into all areas of the curriculum throughout the key stages.  In Year 6, there is an opportunity for a Debating Club led by Year 12/13 pupils from Riddlesdown Collegiate.  As a result of this, girls from Year 6 are given an opportunity to participate in a Girls’ Public Speaking Competition.  They will prepare a piece on a given ‘current affairs’ topic and then present it to the judges and an audience at the Town Hall.

The children have the opportunity to enjoy professional actors performing music and drama throughout the year at Beaumont and other venues.