Behaviour and Discipline Policy

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There are few rules in our school and those we have, are founded on kindness and consideration for one another, 'be polite, kind and hardworking'. Children are taught how to respect their educators, their peers and the environment in which they live.

The class teacher initially handles matters of class discipline. Concerns of a persistent nature are discussed confidentially with parents / carers by the Headteacher / School Management Team.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which children can learn, work and play together happily. We aim to promote good relationships in an atmosphere of trust, harmony and co-operation. We place great emphasis on reward and praise. We encourage self-control and self-discipline, together with a responsible and positive attitude to standards of work, courtesy and behaviour in school. We believe this is achieved by motivating the children through the planning and delivery of well-matched, creative learning activities.

The Behaviour Policy forms the key to our ethos. We feel it is important that everyone works together to achieve the highest possible standards of behaviour. Parental support to help us achieve this is essential.

Specific rules are used to maintain safety in school. The children are taught to understand the need for rules, which are regularly discussed. Sanctions are detailed in our Behaviour Policy and are explicitly shared with the children. Instances of perceived bullying are managed in line with the school policy. All serious incidents are recorded and reported to parents and carers with a view to working together to resolve difficulties. Exclusion, either temporary or permanent, maybe required in the case of behaviour which is causing a child to be unsafe to him / herself, other children and / or adults.

We ask everyone at Beaumont to be a 'GOOD CITIZEN'

"To be polite, kind and hard working"