Y5 visit Wallington High School for Girls

Tuesday 24th May 2022

Today, Year Five visited Wallington Girls to take part in a science workshop. Mr Parkinson – a Beaumont Parent Governor and Assistant Head of Wallington Girls – kindly organised this visit and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This was the same workshop that Y4 enjoyed last week.

They had a short lesson on acids and alkalis, what they are used for and how we work out which a substance is using indicators. They then made their own pH indicator using red cabbage. They used this indicator to test things you would find around the house e.g. vinegar, soap, lemon juice. Afterwards, they then confirmed this result using universal indicator solution. Lastly, they compared the results and the different colour scales used for each indicator.

The teacher who taught the lesson was Mrs Stylianou who is the Head of KS3 Science. She was very impressed with all of our year Five pupils and commented how proficient they all were at recording their results and explaining their findings.

Thank you for Mr Parkinson for organising this for our Beaumont pupils.