Beaumont Primary School

History of the school

Beaumont Primary School has a very interesting history! Did you know that this grand looking building once stood on top of the hill behind Beaumont Primary School?

The building above was called 'Reedham' and it was the idea of the late Rev. Dr. Andrew Reed, who had it specially built to care for the boys and girls whose fathers had died and therefore the children were orphaned. The building was opened in 1858 and if you had been there then, you would have seen the Lord Mayor of London arriving in a carriage to perform the ceremony, while 250 children cheered and waved flags from the sides of the drive. Where now there are modern houses and schools, back then you would have seen only empty fields. Over the next 121 years, more than 5000 children were to be cared for and educated at Reedham, "The Home on the Hill". 

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Reedham Orphanage Purley

Reedham finally closed its doors in 1979. By then Beaumont Primary School had been built to take over the teaching and all children could be cared for in their own homes. The last children to go to Reedham are all now grown up, but they still remember how they were helped when they were young. 

Our school was in fact named Beaumont School because of where Andrew Reed was born. He was born at Beaumont House, Butcher Row, Temple Bar, near the Strand on 27th November 1787. 

Our school today works closely with the Reedham Trust and as part of our local history, Reedham and its history plays a key part in our curriculum. 

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Reedham Trust