Beaumont Primary School

Vision Statement

The core purpose of our school is to improve the life chances of every pupil through learning.

 This is a school of confident learners who are eager to discover the world around them, supported by a creative and inclusive curriculum, providing learning experiences that prepare them to live in a rapidly changing world, catering for their personal needs and exciting their thirst for learning.
This is a school that focuses on relationships, in a learning community partnership, where aspirations bring everyone together following the school's golden rules 'to be polite, kind and hardworking'.
Every learning opportunity is tailored and responsive to the needs of every child to ensure they make outstanding progress. The children are encouraged to express themselves in all aspects of the curriculum and to take ownership of their learning.
The development of essential knowledge and skills enables pupils to become confident, lifelong learners. They understand how to keep themselves safe in the real and online world.

Anne Morrell