Beaumont Primary School

Design Technology

Intent: Art and design is an essential part of the primary curriculum. Art allows the child to develop their imagination and creativity, to make connections through their inventive minds and gives children the skills to record their imagination and ideas.
Art also encourages expression and visual thinking, which in turn helps children learn other subjects.

Year Group Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
EYFS Structures: Junk modelling Food: Pumpkin scones Structure: Building towns Structure: Make props for a photo shoot
1 Mechanisms: Moving toy picture Structures: Free -standing table Food: Fruit salad
2 Food: Baking Structures: Floating raft Mechanisms: Wheels and axles/trailer Textiles: Glove puppet
3 Textiles: Blanket square Food: Stone age meal Structures: Earthquake shelter
4 Electrical systems: Art bots Food: Chefs visit Packaging: product box Structures: Toy car garage
5 Mechanisms: Story books Food: Aish Baladi – Egyptian flatbread Digital world: Stop motion animation Textiles: Viking pouch
6 Structures: Air raid shelter Mechanisms: Cams/moving toy Textiles: Worry monsters Digital world: Programming pioneers