Beaumont Primary School


Intent: - At Beaumont Primary School, our vision is to provide all of our children with a geography curriculum that gives pupils an understanding of the world around them, its environments, places near and far, and the processes that create and affect them. To achieve this, we provide carefully sequenced lessons which feature meaningful fieldwork and introduce a progression of geography concepts that enable pupils to build up a breadth and depth of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills so that ultimately, they can ask and answer geographical questions such as ‘why is this place like this?’, ‘how is this place changing?’ and ‘how are other places affected?’

EYFS Seasons Local Area
(School Grounds)
Understanding and Making Maps
1 Weather Comparing the Polar Regions to the Kalahari Desert Mapping the UK
2 Comparing the UK to Kenya Continents and Oceans Contrasting Local Area (Purley)
with a UK coastal resort
3 Mediterranean Britain Earthquakes and Volcanoes
4 Croydon Rivers and Trade Europe - Italy
5 Rainforests and Deforestation Egypt Europe - Scandinavia
6 Europe - Germany Advanced Mapping Our Dependence on Water