Beaumont Primary School

Year 5 trip to the British Museum


Wednesday 6th March 2024

The British Museum

Year Five set off for our first trip of 2024 to the famous British Museum in London. We arrived at Purley Station to start our journey to London Victoria. As soon as we had arrived, the children set off for the number 38 bus which took us to Museum Street.

We explored the Egyptian galleries and rooms which were full of wonderful ancient artefacts that really did bring our topic to life! One of the galleries explores death and the afterlife, something which held particular significance and meaning for the ancient Egyptians. 

Mummification, magic and ritual are investigated through the objects on display here. These include mummies, coffins, funerary masks, portraits and other items designed to be buried with the deceased. The children also saw one of the Museum’s best-known collection items from Egypt which is the Rosetta Stone.

Mr Hatton, Mrs Olakara, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Ahmed.